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By lilchicknlady · Oct 11, 2013 · ·
  1. lilchicknlady
    [​IMG] Yep this is me...seems as if this is all I have done now for about 3 months. My husband casually mentioned we have a friend who started raising chickens for eggs. He told me how much the family was enjoying the whole process and are still at it a year later. So I thought it sounded like fun. I love animals, and chickens have always kind of scared me...LOL! Not a farm girl by any means! So I thought if I found out a little about them perhaps I could find some that were a bit more people friendly. Hehehe...never knew there were so many personalities to chickens. [​IMG] Yes, this made me very happy, and I started to get really eggcited! Anyhow, I have just about narrowed down the types and the number I want to start with (unless I change my mind, again...LOL). I have been reading about all the diseases, the mites and the lice, and vaccinations, and all kinds of other facts about chickens. Still not scared away! I am looking at coop designs and my wonderful husband has even agreed to build me the coop I want. I think I have actually decided on the one I want and now am planning on colors, feeding and watering systems, feed, etc...

    I am saving my money to do all the purchasing and such and hope to get started in the spring. I can hardly wait to get started. I will be keeping a log and blog about our experiences to help other newbies like me just getting started. So if you are considering chickens and want a whole new perspective from someone who has never tried it...keep up with me! [​IMG] Hahaha I love the cheering chicken and will need all the cheerleaders I can get! Hope to hear from you with lots of experience to help me with pointers.

    Thanks and God Bless!

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  1. lilchicknlady
    Thanks for leaving your comment! My first one! LOL...yes I am excited! We have decided where we are going to build our coop, just did that this morning! So the planning is coming along, looking forward to the spring! Good luck on your eggs!!!
  2. Batlow Biddy
    Hello Lilchicknlady you'll never regret it!!!
    I got 4 Australorp crosses and they keep me entertained with their antics not to mention the beautiful free range eggs.
    Just put some fertile eggs under my first broody hen can't wait.

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