I have a blog? Who knew?

I have been researching chicken ownership for about 6 months now. I thought I knew all I needed to know and was ready to get chickens last fall, but my darling husband pointed out that it was our first winter with our llamas and maybe we should see how that goes first. So I heard, "Not right now, but we'll get chickens in the spring." That is what he said, right? So my learning continued. I have looked at many, many coops on-line and even designed my own. Just this week, though, I remembered that we have a wooden kid's playhouse-turned-hunting blind and with a few modifications I think it'd be a great coop. If I can get to it today (we've experienced the first of out spring thaw flooding) I will take pictures. I'm looking forward to applying all I have learned in this forum to my own coop!

A bit about me...
I am a step-mom to four adult children, mom to four children I birthed and a nanny to four more. I got three llamas for Mother's Day, 2010 and am thoroughly enjoying spinning and working with their fiber. My plan is to get 4-6 hens, that are nearly ready to lay, in early April; hopefully a mixture of Buff Orpingtons, Barred Plymouth Rocks and maybe Wandottes. Three labs, one of each color, round out the family. We have nearly 40 acres and are located in south-central Wisconsin.

I don't have any "chicken friends" so I'm glad to have this forum as a resource!