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    Well, I have to say that raising a flock is one of the best yet demanding experiences I have had since my son was an infant. My son, who is almost six, is expected and made to help with taking care of our birds. Some say I am mean and some don't think it right that he is made to help but I believe that it will help build a foundation on strong work ethics and teach him responsibility.
    I had to help slop hogs everyday that were on top of a hill from our house at his age and feed our other animals and I am almost thirty and doing fine. It won't kill him to do some work. He enjoys feeding and watering them but he also just enjoys the chickens in general (minus the rooster). One of his classmates asked me the other day if we really had 26 chickens and two ducks. I told him yes and asked why. This child proceeded to tell me that my son told him we had these animals but that he didn't believe him because he didn't know where we could put so many. I told him that 28 birds were not a lot. He was amazed at this and asked what was a lot, I told him that the people who raise chickens for the eggs sold at the store lived in houses with hundreds of other chickens. His reaction.........[​IMG]

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