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  1. lilliesanchicks
    SIDE SWAP OWED to me
    6+ Bantam blue salmon or wheaton ameraucanas and EE egg mix

    SENT HER ~ 6 + red cochin eggs
    Jul 17, 2013

    USPS # 9505510613953198517117

    August Box Swap OWED to me


    Will have in a few weeks Lily seeds.

    "Tiny Bee" crossed with one of the others.

    "Tiny Dino" Crossed with one of the others.

    "Tiny Todd" crossed with one of the others.

    10 + seeds of each = 30 + seeds + 5 Blackberry Lily seedlings

    Growing Lilies from Seeds

    Have zinnia seed mix and cosmos seed mix. Fresh seeds from my garden.

    Mix and match if you want to on any listed above

    6 + black and a blue cochin bantam young roosters over 1 blue and 2 black pullets. They just started laying August 20th-2013
    (pictures in link)


    12 + polish roo and a blue or lavender bantam game rooster/chocolate bantam Orpington over mixed laying hens. rhode island reds, black australorps, barred rocks, and leghorn.

    I found a person with hatching eggs so the last on the list are not my birds.
    I have eggs from them in my incubator and some chicks as well.
    Pictures in my default album of the polish rooster his offspring.

    I can ship eggs later or do a combo 12 egg mix.

    A small Priority Box of craft items ,more not shown.Will put in as many that will fit.Pick and chose what you want in the box.

    Fabric Paint Markers ,stencils ,craft items ,Rolling Cookie Cutter ,fabric paint ,acrylic paint.

    About this size[​IMG]Box Size: 7" x 7" x 6"

    Light bar flashes green and yellow to the beat of the music great for any teen wanting customize their car or truck.


    Egg colors I don't have
    Plants and flowers I don't have also in colors I don't have
    Cottage garden stuff
    English cottage décor

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