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Well, in addition to the various parrots we raise, I have decided to add chickens for egg layers. And, of course, because we do nothing in a little way, I have started with an even dozen chicks. At this writing (2008-05-12) they are 3 weeks old. There are 2 Dominiques, 2 Gold Laced Wyandotts, 2 Black Minocas, and 6 Ameruacanas (1 white, 2 chipmunk, 3 reddish).
Construction on the Chicken Palace has begun with as many questions as solutions. I look forward to posting pictures here in the future. [Now I must look at the directions to figure out how to post pictures, etc.]

Sunday, May 18
The Delightful Dozen are in the run part of their Chicken Coop Palace for the first time today. Construction has slowed down due to high temperatures, but a little later this afternoon we will be back at it.
Jubilee is thrilled to be able to see her flock.
The Coop is not quite done, but the Delightful Dozen are really enjoying the run! Big Bird, the presumed White Ameraucana, was the first one to begin a dust bath. Didn't get pictures of that, but here they are checking things out as a group of course.
Sunday, May 18 Night time now.
The Delightful Dozen are asleep in their coop. They had a big day and DH worked hard all day to get the coop ready for them, despite the HOT day we had. We worked until after dark, finishing the coop. Then DD and I headed into the run to "capture" the chicks. Turns out they were sound asleep and she just handed them up to me. The coop is over one end of the run so it was easy enough. Tomorrow we will finish the ramp and other little finishing touches. Sigh, it was a good day, now time for a shower.