Hi my name is Lindsey. I live in North Carolina. I have 26 chickens and 2 under a broody hen. I also have 3 horses and 4 dogs. I love chickens SO much. I didn't know anything about chickens last year. I used to think that chickens where dumb! I still can't believe how wrong I was! So far I have 6 Barred Rocks, 6 Rhode Island Reds, One Black Star, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1 Dark Brama hen, 1 Naked neck, 1 Old English Game Bantam, 1 mixed Bantam, 1 Easter Egger, 3 mixed hens, 1 mixed bantam hen, 1 Gold Comet rooster, (He's free if you want him. :) Pm me if you do) 1 Dark Brama rooster, 1 Barred rock rooster.
This is Libby

And this is my dog Lucy

My little BR snoozie taking a dust bath

2 of my Rhode Island Red

This is my EE, Joy

Some more of my girls dust bathing

This is my Silver Laced Wyandotte, Chance

This Mae, mt BR

This is my horse Yellow Bear

And Stryker,

And Brandy

Thanks for looking!!!