Hello, my name is Linn, and I raise chickens in my backyard!
I moved from Massachusetts to Colorado recently, and drove a child, a dog, 2 chickens and a two week old abandonded kitten across the country! I was a rolling zoo! We stopped at the Niagra Falls, so my child and dog could see it!

.I have A Golden comet and a Cornish rock (both 1yr old hens), I have a 7 yr old Tennessee foxhound female (also a rescue)...we left a rescued cat in Mass, whom we hope to see again, so we could care for a kitten I found along side of a busy road...a little maine coon female we like to call ZIGGY The town I was in was okay with my hens (Three Rivers MA)(I didn't ask for roos as I knew my neighboors were too prickly. I also asked the town manager directly, since the rules were a mess!), but my new city seems confused about its own rules and regulations. When I got hens, and moved, I made sure to give each of my neighboors some extra eggs! Everyone was happy to have them. My fiance is doing his best to learn to live with my animals, but since he LOVES to cook, having fresh eggs all the time is okay by him! I got my hens to provide eggs and to eat bugs from my organic garden. I started gardening because I like to cook, and wanted my kids to have good clean food.



So I got married, and I love my husband....he is starting to love having chickens, and I have made a chicken friend in my new town, who is not online with us! I found the kitten Ziggy a home (the abandodned kitten!). I have added 2 barred rocks to my small flock...but I may sell them when i got back to school. I have a hen who is FINALLY starting to Molt (moult), and she is laying wind eggs....I will try to add pics! I took a number of them, and i did my best to show that they have no yolk in them.