Little Army of Chickens

By YoshiWolfox · Aug 31, 2015 · Updated Aug 31, 2015 ·
  1. YoshiWolfox
    Hello! I just joined this site, I'm not used to it but I'm learning! I have a story of my little flock of chickens I recently got on April 18, 2015. It was hatchery's choice pullets, we had no idea what breed they were. I named them, Hickory, Butterscotch, Tabby, SockMonkey, Little Miss WhaleTail, Nacho, Salsa, and a runt chick who died before she grew up. I originally got these chickens for FFA, as well as eggs. As they grew, we could determine the breeds. We got four brown ones, two white, and one gray left. The brown ones are Russian orloffs, the gray is barred rock, and the white we suspect are leghorns. The hatchery said they were all female, but my dad said they don't know the gender for sure as they separate them. Unsurprisingly, Hickory grew up to be a rooster. I'm always hanging around the chickens, they've gotten pretty tame to me. We had a flock before these, as well as another flock before that, and so on. The last flock were mixed bantams of 28, now three are left. They don't like the new chickens very well. There's FrizzleHen the black Cochin frizzle, Sushi the white Japanese bantam, and Grapes the golden sebright. As Hickory is beginning to mate with the hens, I'm trying to get them used to the nesting boxes in the coop my dad and I built. I've found one egg outside, and just tonight, a little off white one which I suspect belongs to the bantams since it's so small. This is my little flock of chickens, always running towards me when I call out "chick chick chick!"


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