Day 1 I decided to just go for it. I am done talking about raising hens and the whole shabang. So I bought 2 Silkies and 3 Easter Eggers. They instantly stole my heart! After a small fortune to get set up from scratch, I couldn't be happier! They seem to be pretty freaked out about the move. I did my best to make them comfortable, but they really don't want anything to do with me. I hope they will become more relaxed... me too.
Day 2 I cleaned out their little area today since they seemed to have had a poop party in the middle of the night. They slept in their box in my room and I was surprised they didn't keep me up. After adjusting their red lamp about a million times, they seem to be more comfortable now. They have names!


From Left to right we have Honey, Goldie, Beatrix, (she has a stripe down her back that reminds me of a bee) Lucy, and the little black one I can't decide on a name... she's my favorite. The 1st and the last are silkies, and the 3 in the middle are easter eggers

Day 3 Every day things seem to change. They are so different now! They are loud, and very animated. Everything seems to excite them and they have learned a new trick today- scratching! Well, they probably did that before, but I never saw them do it. I am constantly changing their water out. I had no idea these little peeping fluff balls would be so messy. Beatrix and Lucy seem to be competing to be in charge. Both are strong and try to jump out of their brooding area. But they are all completely adorable. I still don't have a name for the black silkie. I don't know why it's so difficult to name her.

Day 4 Today I moved the chicks to a bigger brooder- a large breed dog carrier. I also moved them out of my room into the spare room. I don't know why I felt I had to have them in my room... overprotective mom I guess. But after a night full of loud peeping and now the constant sound of scratching, they had to be moved. They are more active now. Rich, my husband, is away- that's what the Navy does best- and I got the chicks while he was gone. All I keep hearing is "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into!"

Day 7 ONE WEEK! NO PROBLEMS!! I can't believe how big the chicks are. They are still scared of me. This is the reaction I get-


All the chicks huddle together and keep their eyes on me. If I reach in, they will even peck at me! My pugs sometimes go with me to feed them and interact with them. This is the reaction THEY get!


The chicks run up to them! Even when the dogs lean in to get a good sniff, they will crane their necks up to reach the pugs too! I wonder if they have imprinted on the dogs!! I keep waiting for them to recognize me as "mom" but I guess that's just not realistic at this point. I just try not to take it personal I guess.

Day 14 2 WEEKS!! The easter eggers are really big and almost have all their feathers. But the silkies are still so small. The dogs continue to charm the chicks, but I heard a tip- give them bird seed. That's supposed to win them over I guess. We've made it through poopy butts, loud peeping and trying to figure out the heating light. But all 5 are alive and well. I must admit I am pretty proud of this city girl.

3 Weeks!! Well it's been 25 days since I picked up the little peepers. Last night they spent their FIRST night in their new coop. I'll have to post some new pics. We had a big dog kennel- the kind you would see at shelters. And we had a dog house we had been using as a brooder. I know we will need an actual coop when they get bigger because the dog house won't be big enough for them with nesting boxes and everything. But it will work for now. I let them run around in their tractor, and they found bugs. They were so excited! They love the worms. So I went around turning over rocks in search of treats for them.
It's been about 6 weeks now. The chicks have been outside for the past couple of weeks. They are set up in the dog kennel with a little dog house for now. I know it's not ideal, but it will have to do for now. They recognize me as the food lady and that is our only bond at this point. They will eat out of my hands, not because they like me, but because they are impatient. I have come to terms with this relationship, and I don't know what people were talking about with their chickens like little lap dogs. Oh well, at least there will be eggs down the road. I fed the chicks some watermelon, and put lettace in a suet feeder as well as their seed. Here's a couple pics of their coop.