Hi there! I am Jess. I started raising chickens in March of 2010. I am a newbie, but I have certainly done my research. This site has been so helpful with all of my little quirks and issues. I plan on breeding silkies and LF Cochins. My daughter Kaeli (she is 5) she plans on showing a few when they mature. Everyone is around 2 months old, but I do have few older silkies, I can't wait for eggs!
Here is a picture of my pitiful little coop. I say pitiful, but I like it. It looks small in the picture, but it is actually pretty roomy. I recycled wood for this project and sheet metal. I did buy some plywood to construct their box and of course, screws, nails and fencing. I used 2"x4" welded wire and then covered it with 1" Poultry Netting. This has kept all four of my dogs out so far and it looks promising :) I bought a couple of solar lights from Lowe's (they are only $3) and I put them out front so I can see well closing up their box at night. I really like the design of the A frame. But next time I will build it without the box and put a level in instead so that the chickens can have more room. I think dog igloos make great boxes if you construct a door feature and add vents.
Here is a picture of the inside of the coop. I made a feeder out of pvc pipe, added the 90 degree angled pieces and suspended it, it works nicely. It does have to be refilled two times a day, so I may use a bigger pipe next time. I have rubbermaid tubs turned on their sides with pine shavings in them. I also put a tarp on the top of them to keep the rain from coming in. My chickens are still young and haven't quite gotten used to climbing that ladder. The picture shows three of my cochins. That is a splash male, splash female and a black female.

Here I am with my very first chicken "Rosie", she started the whole big addicting ordeal. Raising chickens is no joke...I started with 2 for egg laying and now my coop is overflowing!

Here is Rosie, as an adolescent. She is the most inquisitive chicken and she comes when she is called. She is a Cornish Hen. We will never eat her, she is actually a mascot for my grandmother's business "Nama's Chicken Shawls". If you are in need of saddles, (which we call shawls), just visit her website
Here is Marshmallow - he is my oldest chicken. He is a white silkie roo grandson of Bobbi Porto's Popeye. He looks like he may take after his grandad. He is a handsome boy and he is the sweetest chicken. He lets my 5 year old carry him around like a baby and he spreads his wings every night for the younger chickens to cuddle inside. WIllowAster.jpg
Here is my Willow, she is in front (I think she is a she), she is a bit older, this is an old picture, but she is fully feathered now...and GORGEOUS. I just love her feathering. I am not sure yet whether she will be white or splash, I found a small grey feather yesterday. She is a Sizzle and a first generation. I hope to breed her to Marshmallow. I think it will be a fantastic hatch! In the back is my Aster. Aster is my Easter Egger, oh this bird has personality. He rules the roost. I was hoping he was a she...but oh well, I guess I will have to have another pen, lol.
This is Mr. Sloppy Joe. He is a new addition to the flock. I have NO IDEA what color he is going to be. He has partridge coloring in his feathering and splash and barring...he is all mixed up, hence the name "Sloppy Joe". He has great feet though, I am hoping he decides to be one color. PotatoSalad.jpg
Here is the illustrious Potato Salad. This chick hatched on June 5, 2010. This is one of Bobbi Porto's chicks. He came out with perfect feet and feathering on every toe, with a nice little crest and a vaulted skull. PotatoSalad2-1.jpg
Here is the chick again all fluffed up! It had spraddled legs and I banded them for 48 hours, now Potato Salad is perfect! My daughter named it, lol. She says all of the silkies will be "food items", and all of the cochins will be "flower names". She is very creative, I love a child's imagination.
This is Petunia. Definitely a girl, I believe she will be blue laced. Just my best guess. She has really nice foot feathering and she is nice and round. I think she will be a pretty girl. She was hot, being as though it is almost 100 degrees here. But she is one of my cochins.
Here is Jello. A pretty Splash Silkie. I am not sure of the gender yet, I am leaning towards roo, but you know silkies, you can't tell until they crow!
This is Daisy, she is a Black Australorp. She is one of my first chickens as well. I have WAY too many breeds, so I am going to have an egg laying pen for all of my girls that are not breeding quality or of a different breed than silkie or cochin, I just love them all, I can't help it, lol.
This is Candy Corn. You can't tell in the picture, but she has a perfect ring around the back of her neck. I love her color placement, it is unique. She is another newbie. I am just guessing again on the "girl thing". BlackEyedSusan.jpg
Here is my little Suzie - Her foot feathering is fantastic and she is nice and round, oh she is lovely. I can't wait to see what she will look like when she is an adult. I bet she will be a knock-out! She is a black cochin.

In my spare time - I spend time with my family. Oh I just love my little ones, they bring me so much joy! Here we all are in this picture. My husband Adam, myself and Kaeli and Chase.
I am also an artist. I make dolls and I love to paint. I make special dolls with hand painted faces, they are really unique. Here is one:
If you would like to see more you can head over to my website or my Etsy Shoppe.
That's all folks! I didn't show all 19 of my chickens, but I gave you a good idea of what is going on down the Little Dirt Lane! Come back by and visit, I would love to hear what you think!