Welcome to Rainey-Ann Farm, located in Oakton, Virginia!
We are new to chicken raising. Our small farm is located in Oakton, Va. We currently have 3 eight month olds, one Dominique roo and one Dominique hen, and one white hen. Also 5 4 month old hens of various breeds.
Henny setting on her first clutch. Due Thursday May 6, 2010

Hi, guys!
The four dominique babies hatched Thursday, May 6, right on schedule.

Gertie the BO pullet not yet laying.Update: May 10, 2010 - Gertie started to crow! She's a roo!

Francis the Roo and Henny Penny, with Clarabelle-our dominique hen in the foreground.
Mr Roo, our Dominique boy.

The "babies" three crossbeaks, a BO and a Blue Laced Red hen.