I am Amy, homeschooling mom to 3. We love raising chickens! We started out with chickens as a way to teach our children about food production. It has been a very real, very educational, and sometimes heartwrenching journey for our family, and we enjoy it very much.
We have had several breeds of chickens over the years, but we have cut down and currently only have hens. We culled this past fall and kept the best of the flock. Right now we have two Buckeyes, two Welsummers, one Austrolorp, one Speckled Sussex, and one 6 year old Easter Egger (our favorite, from our very first batch of chickens). We will be adding to the flock again in the spring of 2011. I am looking to incubate some Wheaten Maran eggs or Java eggs. If you are an Ohio breeder who is selling these eggs, please contact me! Thanks~