Welcome to the all new Littlepeddler’s Marans web site. We figured it’s time for a new look to go along with the new challenges that are forth coming within the breed of poultry now that they have been accepted into the America Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection.
Many Marans breeders are excited about the new acceptance. It can be exciting to know that when Marans are shown in the future that exhibitors will be rewarded. When in the past the Marans could only do as well as “Best of Breed” within the APA. Just to think that a Marans can take home a “Best of Show” or “Grand Champion” is enough to cause many breeders to jump on the band wagon and start breeding towards those Marans that will the APA criteria.
Yes, this can be exciting, as it should be. But I hope that the APA criterion is not our main goal as Marans breeders. Actually it shouldn’t be. Marans were developed to be one of the most, if not the most, unique breed of poultry one could ever wish to maintain in their back yard.
I, as USA Delegate for the Marans Club of France I will remain diligent to breeding my Marans to the French Standards of Marans. One must never lose focus on the egg color of this breed. The egg color must remain regardless of the ribbons handed out by APA.
The French Standard of Marans commands this breed to keep it’s egg color of a number four or darker in accordance with the Marans Club of France/Marans of America Club official egg chart. If the egg colors ever becomes a four or lighter than in all actuality the bird that lays that egg is not a true Marans.
There a very few Marans in the Marans community that are this two-fold bird, but they are out there. With the gene pool of USA Marans being so limited, it's going to become harder and harder to get both egg color and French Standards birds out of the same flock. You can show your French Standard birds at just about any APA sanctioned show and they will win the ribbons you are seeking. APA is going to base what they see on the bird alone, its breed type, its condition and its color to some extent. But APA will never impose an egg color on this breed. True Marans breeders should be diligent about this within their breeding program. If not, then the Marans is going to become just another APA breed of poultry. And what is going to set True French Marans apart from APA Marans is egg color alone.
Ask yourself what you want to be known for from your flock.

Enjoy the new Littlepeddler’s Marans web site and we hope to be able to offer all we can on the education of French Standard Marans.
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