Hello everyone! I am a young female farmer in Samsula Florida - south west of Daytona Beach area. My husband and I own a landscape and irrigation company in the area. When the economic situation changed we began selling plants at local farmers markets a couple of years ago. At first I was purely a reseller of any kind of plant under the sun, but when I brought herbs and vegetable plants I got such a great response from customers that I sold out every week. I then start growing my own herbs and vegetable plants to sell - specializing in heirloom produce. Now I have moved in to actually growing and selling the produce and fresh cut herbs. I figured what's a farm without farm animals. I have been researching and wanting chickens for years now and I finally took the plunge. I recieved my 31 babies on April 4 and so far so good. I did lose three cuckoo marans - two within a three days of recieving them and the next by hawk. It is definitely a learning process but so far I love going in to the coop every morning to check on them! My husband also got two pigs for the farm also and I have added 18 quail.
Check out my pages to see pictures of my coop and quail!