Show Me Poultry CO
Standard Buff Orpington
Standard New Hamshire Reds
Standard Production Reds
Standard Mottled Houdans
Standard Rhode Island Red
Standard Blue, Black, Splash, Wyandottes
Standard Black White crested Polish
Standard Barred Plymouth Rocks
Standard Silver Spangled Hamburg
Standard Giant Buff Cochins
Standard Giant Black Cochins
Standard Giant White Cochins
Standard Olive Eggers
Standard Ameraucana
Bantam Buff Cochin
Bantam Birchen Cochin
Bantam Blue, Black, Splash, Cochins
Bantam Red Cochins
Bantam Gold Laced Cochins
Bantam Lemon Blue Cochins
Bantam White Black Tailed Japanese
Bantam Buff Black Tailed Japanese
Bantam Buff Brahmas
Bantam Seramas
Bantam Blue Black Splash Silkies

Ducks :
Muscovys; Blue,Pastel,Blue fawn,Black,Silver,Lilac,Chocolate, Barred,Pied,Rippled,Spangled
Calls; Blue Fawn, Black Bibbed
Miniature Ducks; Calico
Standard Silver Appleyards
Standard Khaki Campbell
Standard Anconas
Standard Welsh harlequins
Wild Mandarins
Turkeys :
Buttons; Ivory,Blue face,Cinnamon Blue face, Red Breasted, Silver, Golden and Silver Pearl, Bibbed, Wild type,Cream neck laced
India Blue Black Shoulders
Guineas; Slate,Buff, Pearl, Coral Blue, Pied
Pot Bellied Pigs:
Tiny Stub nose PBPs! spotted lines

Located in the great Ozarks of Missouri & Arkansas