Hello all!
My husband and I live in Kerrville, Texas. The heart of the Hill Country. Both of us grew up on working farms and/or ranches. David used to own a pet store, and I just love animals. Especially chickens. Most productive and useful animal I've met. Now granted horses and cows pull their own weight too, but my heart belongs to the chickens.
We've talked about having chickens since we met. And now we do. 10 baby Orpingtons. We also have a bantan Cochin rooster and 3 hens.​
We're no longer spring chickens ourselves, we're 60 yrs old so it took almost two weeks for us to build our chicken coop but it's done and ready.
For now the Orpingtons are living in our spare bedroom. Along with the 5 finches and 3 parakeets. Oh,.... and all of Davids tropical plants are in there for the winter as well. Looks a bit like a jungle in there. At least until the weather warms up a bit. Probably spring. And our two little ones that had problems with their legs/feet are currently living in a 20 gallon long fishtank on our dinning room table.​
100_7361.jpg 100_7391.jpg
I thought we were sort'of odd what with keeping the chickens in the spare bedrom but come to find out, we'er almost normal.
We've met some really great people since we entered the chicken world. And learned things we never knew.
Have a great day. Margie & David