Look Out Chickens Duck

By ddeviltlc · Feb 2, 2012 ·
  1. ddeviltlc
    I have different types and size chickens . Started with some from Murray McMurray hatchery. Then did a lot of mixing now I have a great mix. Funny about the Look out chickens Duck is my best hatchers are my momma ducks I juat take the eggs and give them to the momma duck she does the rest even better motherthan the chicken. She doesn't even mind if I handle and replace them. Of course I did have a few problems like why the little chicks would run from water momma duck could not understand why some of her babies were afraid of water. Of course that is even worse when you let the chicken hatch the ducks and they take off into the water the mother hen freaks out running along the shore so I don't let chickens hatch ducks any more. I have free range MOL they have a covered run a coop in barn and some roosters for patrol outside the run. I am in Texas and last year I had to get rid of two Chicken snake about 8 foot talk about a wakeup call go into your coop and where the egg s are is an 8 foot snake instead. My chickens not only provide me with fresh eggs but are like pets from brahma,cochins,rizzles,and numerous other breeds to my fravorites Araucana. They all get along well with the ducks, geese, guinea,goats. But look out chickens incoming DUCKS thhey will knock you over......Although I have had ducks hatch and raise chicks and they respond to her calls I have not had one chick quack yet go figure....

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