I am a mother of 2 human kids, a 3 yr old named Tyler and an 18mo old named Madelyn (Maddie Grace for short). I am also a mom to 3 labs; Tonka (our black English), Maggie (our chocolate american-now pregnant), and Charlie (our yellow that we think is mixed with golden retriever). I am also mom to 2 cats (Lil' Bit and Shadow), 1 hamster (Hammy), 3 rabbits (holland lops-Bambi, Bambi, and Thumper), 2 african pygmy water frogs (no names yet), our hens (Henrietta, Butterscotch, and Bertha) and our roosters (Buddy and Big Boy). We lost one of our original roosters (Clucky, Jr.) to a weasel and one of our hens (Jolene) to a fox. We just got 3 new Barred Rock hens (Big Mama, Lucy and Ethel)! As you can see there is never a dull moment at our house!
I am a stay at home mom, I do a few things from home to make some extra money so if you want to know just ask me! My husband of 7 years, Chad, works full time for Verizon here in Virginia and owns his own business guiding duck and goose hunts on the side. Webfootmafia.com We do hunts in Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arkansas for now but we hope to branch out to more states. I am a deer and turkey hunter, I even hunted when I was pregnant!
I grew up around my granny and her mother always had chickens. I can remember being little and climbing up into the barn looking for eggs for her. It was like an easter egg hunt every day! They always ran loose and nested wherever they could find a cozy spot...sometimes even in the tractors! We also had dairy cows, mules, and all sorts of critters running around.
My husband and I currently live in Cumberland County but are planning on moving to 20 acres in Powhatan. We are hoping to have a garden and do some canning and possibly get a few goats, too. We are trying to live "greener" and hope to grow a lot of our own food soon!