I want to share the photos of our chicken coop. The chicken coop is an 8'x8'. We attached a fenced in area also 8'x8'. We have a pop door to open and close outside the pen area with rope and pulley system to close off the coop or fenced area. I use the deep litter method in the coop. I put linoleum down on the floor for deeper cleanup. I have on the north side of the building two outside access doors. The large one is to clean out the roost area where most of the waste is contained. I use kitty litter to make for easy clean up. The second door is on the back side of the nesting boxes to get the eggs.
So far the roost is well liked by the girls, we have 4 isa browns. This coop has plenty of room for all of them. I designed the coop and pen based on other designs of this site so I thought I would also share ours to help others in designing their own space.