Lost my first hen

By alivingston · Jun 18, 2018 · Updated Jun 18, 2018 · ·
  1. alivingston
    I have had chickens for the last few years and have lost a couple suddenly, when they were very young. However, I have had full grown hens with incredible luck in health and laying. A few days ago I noticed that my oldest hen Redd was not acting right. She was waddling and had a messy bottom. So I figured she was egg bound. After following all the info on how to treat that, I finally came to the realization that she was not egg bound, but has a disorder called ascites. Or water belly. After trying everything I could think of through my books and what I could find online, I finally decided that she had this disorder. We culled her and I performed a necropsy and it was definitely that. The poor girl had so much fluid in her belly, I can only imagine how much pain she had been in. I have never put down a chicken for illness or performed a necropsy, but thanks to the many resources I found, both in print and online, I was able to do what needed to be done. My husband dispatched her and I performed a necropsy, which totally alleviated any sadness I had. I could plainly see her illness and know that I had alleviated any further suffering. If anyone is struggling with this decision as I was, because my ladies are my beloved pets, not just livestock - please do your research and rely on the knowledge of others. It helped me and had also given me the peace I need to know I did the right thing.
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  1. nickylou665
    My condolences, but it sounds like you did the right thing.
  2. MinniesMomma
    It is sometimes very difficult to see beyond our own grief and do what is best for our pets. You showed respect for her life in doing what I can only imagine was a very difficult act. My condolences on your loss. :hugs

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