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By Lous Eggmoble · Oct 25, 2013 · ·
  1. Lous Eggmoble
    My eggmoble had no actual plans drawn out, It was just an Idea that I had thought of. I had this pop-up camper that the mice had gotten into and would need all new canvas. I cleaned it down to just the floor, my thought was to build a shed type building with a sloping roof. As things progressed I knew I wanted some sort of window that would tilt in at the top for ventilation. I found used windows from where they were remolding a house. The roost were made so as to be able to clean out under from the outside. There is a tray of sorts built under the roost and partially filled with shavings. The nest are metal that I purchased on line and have six holes. The coop is double walled with 1/2 inch foil faced insulation in the side walls, which a double walls with smooth 1/4th inch luan plywood on the inside. The ceiling is foil faced and will have blanket insulation over top of that and between the aluminum roofing.The winters here in Upstate New York, get to be quite cold at times, with below 0 tempartures. I will make provisions for having a heater under the water and lights that will be on a timer so to keep the hens laying through the cold months. The door was the one that was originally from yhe camper and if needed I will line this also with insulation board.

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  1. Lous Eggmoble
    There are pictures posted under my Profile. Not sure how to post them along with the description that I have posted.
  2. dewey69usa
    pics? my curiosity is piqued. I also re-purpose whenever the opportunity presents itself. I use old dog kennels for my runs. Attach the poultry wire with plastic zip ties and use electrical conduit with poultry wire over the top. still wish I had a roof over it.

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