My name is Ashley and I am 17. I am the proud owner of 4 Chickens! It all started with a ‘school project’ (or at least that is what I told my parents) about almost 4 years ago now. After many trials and errors I hatched about 14-16 chicks. The first to hatch is my beloved Indie (Indianans Miracle) Indie isn’t sure weather she is a dog or a parrot but she definitely does not know she is a chicken. She is really friendly. As a chick she wanted NOTHING to do with any other animal, just me J Well because I live in a residential area I cant have to many chickens..I am not even supposed to have these! So when the other chick we kept turned out to be a rooster we had to trade him in for a hen. So my second chicken is Chika. She is definitely a chicken, she wants absolutely nothing to do with me if she can help it. So four years later (last week) I just got two more chicks! I didn’t hatch them this time, I got them from a feed store. They are already two weeks when I got them and never handled so they are a piece of work. Their names are Lucy and Ethel. They are defiantly supposed to be pullets so I sure hope they stay that way. Lucy is more friendly but still skittish. Ethel screams bloody murder whenever she is touched. So I am trying to handle them as much as possible!