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By SunnySideUpCoop · Mar 3, 2012 · Updated Mar 3, 2012 · ·
  1. SunnySideUpCoop

    This is perfect for 2 chickens
    and keeping the other chickens away
    from their eggs & baby chicks.

    • It has a railing to keep the hay in the loft above. So it doesn't fall on the ground below.
    • Heart Shaped Window
    • A Nesting Box with a door from the back to grab eggs.
    • A large 2ftx4ft door on the side so you can reach inside to anywhere in the coop.

    • Handles for moving and is nice for hanging flowers as well as making it easier to move about in different
    • Roosting area for the girls who love to look at the stars.
    • The A Frame makes it nice in the winter - all you have to do when it gets cold is cover them with a old blanket/comforter.

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  1. SunnySideUpCoop
  2. cblakley0531
    I love the personal little touches you put with the roof and the heart cut out! SO cute!
  3. judyki2004
    very pretty!
  4. SunnySideUpCoop
    It has been updated to have handles on both sides, to be moved easier... So you don't need wheels.

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