Hey all you chickie mom' and dad's. I live in Arkansas and I am a pretty new chick mom. They are almost 3 weeks along now and I just can not get enough of them. Oh, just to cute. I have 5 Buff Orps and 5 Americanas. I tend to think that the Americanas are a little older as they are bigger and a little better feathered out then the buffs. Don't let folks tell you that you can't raise chicks on a tight budget, we are. We did not have money for a big fancy coop so we converted an old shed/dog kennel into one here. We insulated it and just bought the 1/2 inch OSB panels to do the inside wall, filled in the cracks and holes with spray foam and it is snug as can be and my girls think they are living large!
We had them in one of those expensive Chick-n-Hutch outfits that cost alot of money (big mistake buying that!) and they outgrew it in 2 weeks time. It will be nice to have for the next batch of chickies though. (and you know that there will always be more!) Chicks are just like potatoe chips aren't they? You just can't stop at one or two!
Anyway in o couple of days I will post pics of the finished coop, Now all we have to do is finish the run for them with wire from top to bottom and they will be all buttoned up tight. All we will have to do is sit back and wait for the eggs to start rolling in! That is when my husband says he will get excited about them. He says that they are all my business and he is out of it but I am not buying it-- I see him sneaking out to the coop talking and laying on the floor talking to the girls!12:17 8-05-01