Last Chance Ranch
Im not a very big "ranch" but I like the name. It seems that most of the animals I have I have adopted from people who no longer wanted them. I am family owned and am just starting out.
The Chickens!
I have had chickens for about 5 years and know alot about them, I have learned alot from them. No matter how much I read I never knew anything till I owned them. I just started breeding BBRed OEGB's, they are sweethearts, and I got show quality birds for it. Im not saying their offspring will be. But I do love showing them off so here is some pics of my birds! Enjoy!
My Hens!


My Pretty Boys!


The Ducks!
Just the plain back yard flock.

Then came the Mandarins!

(they stole my heart)

Pics of the new babies will be posted shortly. I got some Buff Brahma Bantams, Brown Leghorn, and cuckoo Marans. :)