Lovin' the Chicken Life (2 Plymouth Barred Rocks,1 RIR, & 1 Buff Orp)
I'm new to "chicken life" but I just knew I had to have them! I did alot of research on chickens & chicken keeping, BIG THANKS to BYC.com!
I wanted hens, (due to city restrictions..no roosters) so I called around & a local feed store had Plymouth Barred Rock pullets, just what i was looking for! I went and picked up my 1st chickens...ever on Feb. 21st! I was so excited!
They were 2 days old, I named them Flora & Fauna, set them up in a cardboard box, covered the bottom with pine bedding added a small roosting pole, feed, water, & heatlamp. (This was their home for the next 5wks.)
The new babies on the car ride home... Fauna standing so proud... Flora sleeping while standing up

The chicks at 2wks...
I love how they think of me as their mother, they run to me when they get startled or scared, when i "peep" for them they come running & it's sweet when they cuddle up to me. Raising chicks is an absolute joy, they are just so awesome!
Fauna lounging around... Playing peek-a-boo


The new addition...
I guess you could say I adopted a hen (thru a friend of a friend), they were unable to take care of her & wanted to find her a good home & my home ended up being the perfect home for her! She's just now a year old, she's laying beautiful brown eggs, & I really love my babies, but she has got to be the coolest chicken ever :) She comes & gets me when she's layed an egg so I can come & collect it, she's so proud! She follows me all about the backyard, loves to be picked up & pet, & even pecks at the french doors to come in if I'm in the house!
Shylee with the hen... My 1st brown eggs!!!... Enjoying a snack from the kids


The chicks at 7wks...
The chicks have adjusted well to being in the coop & living outside. I let them & the hen out as much as possible a good 7 hrs a day, although I still check on them frequently since there has been a hawk flying overhead lately. They are growing so fast, I can't wait until they lay their 1st eggs, although I will miss their little baby "peep" sounds they make...
Getting so big... Favorite snack is tomatoes


The greatest chicken website ever.. http://www.backyardchickens.com