Loving the Sunshine!

By JFreeman · Feb 15, 2014 · ·
  1. JFreeman
    With the cold spell we recently had, my chickens were very happy to get some "grazing" time. They were pretty miffed when it was time to coop up, but I told them to give it up, I don't give a cluck. ;)

    This is Domino the Mottled Houdan. When a camera comes out, he is right in front of it.

    Bandit is an EE cockerel that came as my Free Exotic Chick From McMurray Hatchery last Summer. I love his personality, though he doesn't really like to be touched. He is very protective of the girls and tries to keep the order.

    Domino again. If he could make a duck face, I bet he would.


    Labelle is a Golden Laced Polish. I think she was a cartoon in her previous life. She'll run around frantically in circles and run into things.

    Skye, here, is a blue copper maran. She loves her dirt baths. Bandit decided to join her a few minutes later.

    Poof, the silkie. She came from a local breeder, and she is so prissy and dainty. She hates getting her feet too dirty.

    Half-Pint is the Mottled Houdan Pullet. She is the most social, and she'll come up and peck me until I pick her up and pet her.

    This is a little cockerel mix. I have never seen coloring in a rooster like him before, and I think I'm going to keep him.

    Bandit is keeping order in the coop. "Don't get too rowdy, young-ons"

    "Well, my job is done here."

    Buff Laced Polish is pouting because she's not allowed out of the coop. Little butt won't stay close to the coop, so she's grounded.

    The "Young-ons." Left to right is a RIR mix cockerel (Red), Olive Egger (Blue), RIR mix cockerel (Ash), and another OE (Splash) on the right. The black cockerel in the box is also a RIR mix. The RIR mixes were bought as straight run, but I ended up with all cockerels. Yay me! [​IMG]

    What is going on? Stew (RIR mix cockerel) is fascinated by the red light on the camera.

    Red, Blue, Ash, Penguin, and Stew.

    Joan, the Columbian Wyandotte, is gossiping about Bandit, the EE, to Half-Pint, the Mottled Houdan)

    Labelle (Golden Laced Polish) and Elisabeth (Columbian Wyandotte) gabbing away with one another.

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  1. JFreeman
    Thank you so much. :)
  2. featherweightmn
    Gorgeous flock!
  3. Chambertin
    Congratulations on getting a Houdan on the front page, a great looking roo you have there.
  4. JFreeman
    A book.... Hmmm... ;)

    Clankeyes, Poof is my only Bantam, and she was the original chicken that started it all for me, and she has always been in my coop. The bigger ones are about a month younger than she is, and I have never had a problem with them picking on her. Skye was 18 weeks old when I got her, and two of my Polish were about 2 years old when I bought them. I haven't had any issues of Poof getting picked on, She gets told to get out of the way once in a while, and the boys mount her, which is my only worry. She usually stays to herself though, and joins the younger ones when she wants to be a part of the flock. Half-Pint is the most mild-tempered so if she feels Poof must get close to some one, it is usually either Labelle (Profile pic) or Half-Pint.

    Thanks again for all the compliments. I may submit a few more pictures in the coming weeks.
  5. mumofsix
    Wow! love Your Chickens and the way you told about them made Me think I was reading a book.hint.hint.. Some People have never seen a live Chicken inculding My Grandkids . Tomorrow that will change .I'm off to Tractor Supply .Only one Grandkid out of six had a special Order ."I want a Black Boy Rooster" ! She just turned 8 Think about the book .
  6. scampisi
    oops CHICKENS!!! They're all lovely birds!!!
  7. clankeyes
    Question !!!! We pick up our babies next month. My daughter wants a Silkie really bad. We plan on having full Americana's and Marran's and a Buff O. do you find the BIG guys pick on your silkie ? I was told it might not be a good idea to mix the two. This will be our first time having chickens.
  8. Cheryl1948
    I love all of the beautiful colors of your chickens. I enjoy looking at all of the different breeds. I love Skye's color and her pink comb! Thanks for sharing.
  9. scampisi
    Lovely chicken! Thanks for sharing!
  10. JWEBB
    love it!
  11. bugglesmommy
    Poof is so pretty! They all are. <3
  12. JFreeman
    Thank you so much! I'm honored to have been picked for the CPotW. :) Domino says BOCK you very much.
  13. emma p
    Beautiful birds! Loving all of the different breeds.
  14. chickwhispers
    Wow! they sure are gorgeous! Love them! Especially the grounded Buff Laced Polish, and your Domino!
  15. BYC Project Manager
    Congratulations, we've chosen one of your chicken pics for the Chicken Picture Of the Week. Thanks for posting your chickens to our "My Chickens" pages! You can find more info about our POW here: BYC POW process
  16. JFreeman
    Thank you. :) I have two Columbian Wyandottes, and they started about three weeks ago and they both lay between 5 and 6 eggs a week, even when it's cold. I'm going to pick up some GL and SL Wyandotte eggs this weekend, hopefully, My Maran was laying about 4 or 5 eggs a week before winter, stopped for a few weeks, and has is only laying about 2 eggs a week. Aside from the GL Polish and White-Crested Black Polish I recently bought, and the Maran, all others haven't started laying yet sine they are only about 7 months old, and it's winter, blah blah... So I'm not entirely sure how the Polish are going to lay. One of the two older Polish GL and WCB are about 2 years old, and one of them is laying about 2 eggs a week right now, but that could still be from winter and all that jazz. I have been told Polish are fair layers, and I have been told they can be good layers. Wyandottes are excellent layers, and they are very docile and tolerate handling. I would recommend them to anyone. Compared to the rest of the US, I live in a mild climate, but our night chills have gotten down in the teens this year, and all of my chickens did well.
  17. crazyfeathers
    You really have some beautiful birds. Do they lay well? I guess I just have plain chickens but would love to have some colorful and interesting birds. Our goal is egg production but since I have gotten much better at raising chickens I would like a new adventure. I love GLW and Polish but have no clue how they lay and if they are cold hearty birds. I have BO, BA, Norwegian jaerhon, deuccles, SLW, White Rock, leg horns, and a couple roosters.
    Sorry to ramble, again gorgeous birds and they look so content.
  18. BantamFan4Life
    Nice chickens!

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