I'm new here to the site and was hoping to get some advice. My husband built this amazing avariey for me for Valentine's and my son Bought me a pair of button quails. They are absolutely darling, we've named them Pitter and Patter. But I'm having difficulty sexing the cream colored one. I've figured that the gray one is a male, watching then for several hours a day this past week the grey I'm asuming is a male he does the whole male crowing thing nice and loud. I haven't seen the cream do the crowing although one of them does do it very low, I can't tell who's making the noise. I'm attaching a few pictures in hopes someone can share their ideas on what sex it might be. Thank you so much for your help.

Heres two pictures of the both of them together

Here's Patter (Grey)

And here is Pitter

Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.