Hi, my name's Kirstin (lowry075), and I live in Fullerton, California. It's a nice city, there are lots of parks and trees; it's not like a blacktop jungle or anything, but if I could move somewhere else, I would. I wish I could live in a more rural area, so I could own roosters. :)
I am married with two children, a girl and a boy. I also have two dogs: a German Shepherd/ Golden Retriever mix and a chihuahua/Corgi mix. I have two domestic shorthair cats, one's black and one's gray. Then I have five hens: Buffy is a Buff Orpington with a crossbeak (my favorite), Emma is a Blue Laced Wyandotte, Roxy is a Barred Rock, Honey is a Light Brahma, and Cookie is a brown colored EE.
When I am not watching chicken tv, I am spending time with my human family or teaching high school English. I am a Christian and am very grateful God has given me so many blessings.
I have no idea what else to write, as I never do blogs, so I will shut up now and get back to looking at pictures of your chickens! :)