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By lthunen · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. lthunen
    [FONT=tahoma,arial,helvetica,sans-serif]After doing WAY too much research (ie: Googeling), I finally placed my order for 5 Rhode Island Red baby chicks! The girls (hopefully) should arrive in about 8-10 days. (They have not hatched yet) That should give me plenty of time to absorb the fact that I actually purchased chickens online......hmmmm
    I'm very excited and can't wait until they get here! For now, I will start "nesting". I have my shopping list of supplies that I will need to have apon their arrival.....

    • Heat lamp with 100 watt bulb (do I even need this in the summer?)
    • Feeder & Waterer
    • Chick Crumbles
    As for housing them until they are old enough to be outside, I thought I could use a large platic tub/bucket with pine shavings on the bottom and put a removable screen over the top?? I also have an old rabbit cage. Any other suggestions?
    I do have some questions about the temperature. I have read that the temperature needs to be at 90-100 degrees for the first week. Then decreased by 5 degrees per week. What if the temperature outside is too hot. How do I keep the chicks cool? I live in the Sacramento Valley. We have just started our summer season here and 100+ degree days for weeks at a time are common. Should I bring the chicks inside? Or would a nice shady spot outside be just fine? What about a mister to cool them off?
    Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated!

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