We had 40 chickens and then we had 14. They disapeared within a week. The way we solved this problem is by locking them in the house part of our chicken coop everynight. I does take about 1 hour sometimes to get them all in bacause I have sooooo many, but it's worth it!
Now the problem we have to solve is with our ducks. They won't go in at night. They go down to the pond, but they have been disapearing! No reamains or anything either!!!!

Went to the MD Chicken Stock!! It was awesome. I got a bantam pair, buff frizzle polish rooster, serama rooster, and a buff polish rooster for a neihbor. I also got three black sweedish, one cayuga, and three call ducks.

Yesterday I was going outside at dusk to shut my chicken coop door and a fox was comming out of the tall grass towards my chickens!!!! I chased it away but I figured that might be what was eating my chickens.

Every time I get a silki, it dies. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!!!!! Mabe my farm is cursed. I decided not to get anymore silkis because its now fair to them!!!