My name is Ginny and I always dreamed of having chickens, never thought it could actually happen. UNTIL I googled it and found BYC. I don't have farmland or any kind of land where it would be reasonable to have chickens. Or so I thought. But after much research I can have them. A small flock, but that's OK! Right now I have six chickens in my small neighborhood backyard. Four Red Sex Links, one RIR and a mixed mutt that's part Mille Fleur (I think) She was a rescue from New York where a fox had eaten her sister and she was abandoned and on her own. A friendly neighbor captured her and reached out to BYC and I eventually got her through the mail just after Christmas in 2007.

I started out with a small rabbit style hutch for the first two chickens I got. I already had a vinyl shed for small tools in the corner of my yard that screamed out "chicken coop". So I had my eye on that and eventually had that built into my present coop. Pics to follow, trying to find some good ones! Thanks for checking in.