My name is Molly and I am currently a college student. In my spare time I tend to my animals. I have three horses:Jette(18), Sunny(4), and Domino(15). The chickens:Layers-Blue orpington rooster(Blue), a Rhode Island Red(Red), and two black giants that do not have names yet,Bantams- I have four white silkies that have yet to be named,Free Range- mixed game rooster(rooster), and two Rhode Island Red pullets yet to be named! My animals are my life and always have been. I work hard to make sure they are fed, healthy, and happy! And for like other people the new chicken thing is well new, so any help is always welcome! My Chickens(layers and silkies) currently live in a stall converted into two 6x12 coops, along with a large bunny pen converted for the new rooster and pullets, that will be released later. My horse's are curious and do not mind them at all. The Rooster loves to go through the horse poop(gross right!lol)and eat whatever is there to eat. The new project is a brooder for when I want to raise chicks, and an outdoor pen for the layers.
IMG_6422.jpg IMG_4656_edited.jpg IMG_5738.jpg
Update: The rooster still wanders down to the barn, one of the hens sleeps in the tree, and one of the hens has started laying! Awesome right!
So the Incubating has seemed to work in my favor. So far out of three one has hatched. I incubated a small amount just because it is a trial run. I am so EXCITIED!


This is my puppy! He is a handful!