I've got some beautiful perennial flowers, seeds and bulbs for sale. Rose Campion, Tall Phlox, Day Lilys, Leopard Lilys.


I have a beautiful Padron son, Nonsuch Padron, standing at stud. Purebred coppery bay Arabian Stallion. Also, Arabian horses for sale.
Interesting Easter Egger hatching eggs.

Definition of Florange: One half of a romantic couple. Generally the word florange is used instead of boyfriend or girlfriend when the couple is older and feel silly using this term. It is the only word in the English language to rhyme with orange.
I live in the Ozark mountains of the Natural State with a dozen or so Arabian horses. My florange and I ride in the mountains and have a great life.

Across the street, the Illinois Bayou
My backyard, the Illinois Bayou, Pauleene and me
Monttigo Bay (Emily at 20)

A while ago I was looking for frizzled standard cochins via google and stumbled across a person developing their own breed of chicken. There was web page after web page of pictures and intense genetic information on a breed of chicken he named after himself. This struck me as hysterical! With my breeding of Arabian horses being impossible due to the economy, I focused my nurturing nature to hatching and you guessed it... I am working on my own breed of chicken- the Lisalynn. It will be very,very tall, a beautiful blue color, with feathered feet, cochin body, an extra toe,a poofy hair do, lay blue or green eggs, and a long flowing tail. I had a major set back last year when my puppy killed the majority of my breeding stock. I am working my way back. May venture into lacing, imagine this hen in some BLR colors!!!
Newsflash- UPDATE

This is my greatest accomplishment thus far in the fascinating world of chicken breeding. He has cochin, silkie, americauna and white faced black spanish heritage. The coolest thing is his comb, which mimics a red cap. Can wait to cross him in the spring with some of my really interesting hens. He also has the extra toes of a silkie, standard size and a mild mannered disposition.


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