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Luvs2ride1979s Member Page

  1. luvs2ride1979
    Hello world! My name is Barbara Williams. I live in Roland, Arkansas near the foot of Pinnacle Mountain, just outside of Little Rock, with my husband and daughter. I am new to chickens, starting with a small flock of 12. I also bought 10 ducks, 7 Golden Hybrid 300s and 3 Welsh Harlequins. I own four horses, 3 dairy goats, cats, and dogs. I teach riding lessons, offer horse birthday parties, and am a part-time computer teacher at a local 2yr college. My web site: http://www.aretestables.com You can also find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/barbara.williams1979
    I am also active in the fight against horse slaughter for human consumption in the USA. To find out more about this issue, please visit my web site, http://www.stophorseslaughter.com.

    Pinnacle Mounrain, Arkansas, as seen from my front yard.
    Me, giving a pony ride July 2011.
    My 12 yr old daughter Kayla, on my Appaloosa mare Distinct Impression. It was the horse's first jumping show and my daughter's second show.
    Various Chicken/duck/goat pictures, all taken 2011.

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