Hello everyone, my name is Ron. I live down around Lake Sam Rayburn in southeast Texas with my wonderful wife Lynn. We have been raising chickens for a number of years and most of what I have learned has been through experience. We have always had production reds until last year when someone gave us a few bantams. Some of my reds are almost 7 years old and still laying. must be that good old country living. The bantams seem to lay more eggs, although smaller, but taste just as good and have a much harder shell. This year so far, we have 4 chickens setting on about 38 eggs. I let the mother chickens hatch and raise the little ones, they can do it so much better than I can. We always have more chickens than we need and we give most of the eggs away to the neighbors.
We enjoy all the information BYC has to offer and reading about other peoples experiences with chickens. Hopefully we can contribute to the site and of course be happy to offer any advise to beginners.
we hope to have some pictures up soon , thanks for visiting our page.. Ron & Lynn