My Girls

This is my first best girl, Big Molly. She is close to heaven for me, because she makes me laugh daily.
I am in Albuquerque NM, my husband and I are creating an urban farm, based on Permaculture principles. It is a change of mindset for us, in a good way.
I love this site, and I am so happy to have found it. I, of course, came to BYC for a reason, I had a sick hen.


The beautiful Flygirl was my first chicken fatality, but she taught me a ton. Flygirl is seen here on a happier day, contemplating grape leaves. She will soon be resting under a new tree. This site became a great resource and I am happy to be here.
The 3 Girls at the beginning. We would look out our back door and they would be looking back... Treats?

Here is Little Bug, my first Broody. She's a Wyandotte who laid eggs for about a month before going Broody. I placed eggs under her and she is due to hatch around the 14th of June 2011. I am super excited.


We have chicks today, 21 days exactly. Of the 7 eggs, only 3 hatched, but I wasn't expecting much from 5 eggs, since they had sat on the kitchen counter for a week.
Here are the 3 babies that did hatch. They are 2 days old in this photo.


Mom taking the babies around the coop. 3 days old

Here are a few more photo's of the babies at 1 week old.



I'm amazed how fast they start to develop feathers. They are very cute. And the beat goes on...