Hi! I have had a lot of different animals as pets and have worked at the racetrack with race horses for a good part of my life. I currerntly live in south Texas and discovered the joy of being owned by chickens. What started as a few for the grand kids turned into many and several different breeds. It is hard to pick a favorite but my Wellsummers just seem to have such a nice nature to them. My second choice would have to be the New Hampshires. These girls are very vocal and are not afraid to get in your face. One of these hens named Lorie will run through my legs when I open the back door and run into the house looking for my husband, she is very taken with him and follows him around and hangs out where ever he is. I also have some black sex links, some red sex links. A few delawares, a few Ameracaunas, a couple black Austrolorp, White Rock and Rhode Island Reds.