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    Welcome to my Page .
    My name is Tony Renzulli
    We live in Wilbraham,MA
    We run Suburban Artisan farm
    (actually we're still putting it together ,We are clearing about 1/2 an acre in the burbs)
    We make our own maple syrup ,have planted fruit trees, blueberry bushes ,a nice garden and greenhouse (until the tornado took it out)
    We raised 51 freedom rangers for meat this year at a friends farm .
    they told us we lost a bird so when we went to the slaughter we had 50 birds
    makes sense right .three days later we were cleaning out the pen and
    Surprise !!!! out pops a freedom ranger looking around wondering Where is everybody?
    That's why we named her Lucky.
    Not wanting her to be lonely we moved her to the burbs with us and got her some sisters.
    My daughter named the Wellsommer /brahma mixes "Cheech and Chong" because of the feathery "bell bottoms"
    and we have two Wellsommer /nh red mixes houdini and Ingred Birdman.
    Just added 4 rhode island reds .
    Hoping to get an open air 8x12 finished for them by the end of the month.FINISHED!!!
    Also made a 7x7x4 winter coop for the girls out of a moving crate.
    Forget the egg count we are currently getting 2-4 ORGANIC eggs a day .
    EGG COUNT Lucky:7
    lets go girls she's pulling away.

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