Breed Details:
Standard coloring for Magpie Ducks includes white breast, neck and under body with a black (or variety) "jacket" and cap on the top of the head. Many have mottled beaks and legs. Their bills get a bit darker and greener with age. The Magpie is considered a lightweight breed - on average the same size as a Campbell - with hens averaging 5 lbs and drakes at 7 lbs. They are excellent layers of large eggs, each female often giving an egg a day for most of the year. They are excellent at foraging and benefit from ample space to roam for bug and snails. They occasionally go broody, but are not an excessively broody breed. Magpies that are not hand raised are often flighty, this is remedied by regular handling. This is a critically endangered breed as listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and is in need of more people to help their numbers grow!