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By Mama_Bear · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Mama_Bear
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    We are not handy people, so building a coop and run was not in the cards for us. That is the one aspect of getting into backyard chickens that held us up the longest.

    We looked all over - locally and on the web and went with ordering a coop & tractor from Dan at .

    We live in North East Tx and experience extreme weather fluctuations. We needed something that would allow the chickens to withstand 100+ heat in the summer and ice & below freezing temps in the winter. Added to that - we have horrible humidity and moisture conditions that I was concerned would rot wood quicker.

    It helped to talked to Dan. I explained to him the weather conditions we face and he helped me make decisions to customize the coop to meet the extremes of heat and freezing we experience here.
    I like the mobility of this tractor. It gets moved to another spot in the yard every week. The chickens seem to like having fresh ground to peck around too.
    Here's more pictures of our progress in our facebook album!

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