Working on the new and bigger run and coop. Will post pic's soon. 3/30/11

I'm a mother of 2 boys, 2 1/2 and 8 yrd old. We have 2 cats (indoor) and a Golden Retriever, 4 Roosters, 3 ducks, 17 chicks. and 1 3 1/2 wk old baby chic. We already had a new Rubbermaid 7x7 plastic shed that we weren't using and 4 10x10 dog kennel chainlink fence. So we converted that shed to a chicken/duck coop and for the first time. Since our yard is all fenced in, we were able to make their run 17x10. I tired to build them a small coop (that's when we had only 2 chickens and 5 ducks) (the small coop was for the chickens) without using any powerful tools. A handsaw, hammer and nails were all I had back then. Well then addiction took over me and I started to get 2 chickens here and 1 chicken there, then ....I decided to build them 2nd coop duplex 3x4. The bottom part for the ducks and the top for the chickens and it had a roosting bar inside along with 2 nest boxes. Then I decided to built them a second run so they can get fresh grass. But soon ALL will change. Their location, their run and possibly their coop (s)

This is the entry to our chicken and duck coop. Little did we know, shortly after we build it, we noticed that we couldn't have pu it in a worse spot ! From the left side (Black fence) is a small hill, from the right side is also a small hill. All the water goes thru the chicken run and thru the front door. I've tried putting sand, pine chips, hay inside of the run and so far, nothing is working. As you can see, after the rain, all that water goes thru the door.

I recently re-painted it barn red. And also spay painted the fence. Made a fence to the side yard for their play time.

This is the back view of their playing area

There is an addictional 2" hardware cloth all around the 6' fence because my chickens and ducks can easily go in between the 6' fence :-D
Got the ducks a pond, I love to watch them swim.

Broody mom and broody coop but now the doors to the broody coop is open and they (1 baby chic and her momma) around everywhere in the garage ;-)


Those pictures on top, when a powerful wind made the gutters out of place.
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