Breed Details:
Mandarins are a great aviary duck and can reside with many other breeds without crossbreeding. They can fly very well and therefore need an enclosed pen or aviary. They are a beautiful bird and the hens usually lay one clutch every spring consisting of 6-12 eggs and hatch out her own young in about 29 or 30 days. If eggs are removed, they may also lay a second clutch, usually consisting of fewer eggs than the first. Mandarins require a wood duck style nesting box, but will also lay nests on the ground. It is smart to have two nesting boxes built for every pair in the aviary. Mandarin ducklings can climb and jump very well, so keep this in mind when making a brooder for them. The young feather out in about 7 weeks and start to fly. The good thing about mandarins is that they aren’t a migratory bird so you do not need to have a permit to own or sell them. They are not like domestic ducks though; they can be quite skittish at times. As long as you have a proper enclosure, a place for them to swim, and a source of food, Mandarins will be a great duck for you to own.