[FONT=comic sans ms,sand]Ok, here's my stab at trying to introduce myself to all of you out there interested at looking at my page. I am a 32 year old nurse/homemaker (I'll get to that in a minute), who was told she would never be able to have children. Well 7 years later, Surprise!! Myself and my husband met forever ago thanks to my best friend and her husband. The first year we were married I was having "issues" and they told me to never expect to have children because it wouldn't be possible. Well we went on about our usual business (hunting, fishing, animals etc...) and one day at work (that's the nurse part) during flu season I had horrible stomach issues. Me and hubby are NEVER sick, so I thought, crap I'm getting the flu. Just out of curiosity I peed on a stick and went on about my work. Well I came through the lab like 3 hours later and looked at the test and threw it in the garbage. It took a second ,but in my mind I thought "there were 2 lines on that thing". Sure enough I pulled it out of the garbage and lo and behold 2 lines. Immediately I felt REALLY sick to my stomach. What am I gonna do with a baby? I am a no nonsense kinda girl, I enjoy things most women don't. Hunting, fishing, carpentry, gardening, mowing and weedeating (14 acres a week) etc... Anyway to make a long story shorter, I now have the most beautiful, smartest little 4 year old that God has ever made. She is right in the middle of everything I do, and hopefully she will be like her Mom and be able to do ANYTHING she set her mind to. The lady I worked for fired me when I found out I was pregnant because it was going to interfere with her business. I went into heart failure 4 days after delivery and can have no more children for sure this time. Anyway, me and my husband have always been farmers of sorts. We live in an old antebellum type house on about 100 acres. We have always rescued animals in need and I thought for sure he was going to leave when I suggested chickens. He was scared of them, but we needed them for bug control. Well that was 7 years and hundreds of chickens ago. I currently stay home raising Olivia and everything else under the sun.. We even decided that we could maybe get started in the chicken business enough to sell and make money at it (NOT), so we have renovated an old storage building for a "hatching house" and bought huge incubators. We have 1 dog, 1 cat, 7 sheep, and ,many types of poultry. We raise and sell: Rose Comb Mahogany Reds, Rose Comb RIW's, EE's, Dominiques, Cuckoo Marans, Blue Slate Turkeys, and Sweetgrass turkeys. Every day is a new adventure with my little family, and every day makes me more hopeful for another.[/FONT]