Marek documentation as it's happening

By BackyardFarmTMC · Apr 3, 2018 · ·
  1. BackyardFarmTMC
    Day one of the first sign of Marek, 1 completely healthy, happy, and active 3week old chick, free ranged for about 7 hrs, upon heading to roost for the night, she squared in sleep mode on the rocks. After several tries of rousting her on her feet, I had to pick her up and take her in.
    Food would not motivate her enough to rise so I began a full body examination. I discovered, under her wing, beneath the feathers, a gapping wound. Also, tail feathers are falling out. The partial paralysis of legs, combined with the lesion and the apparent inflammation of her chest bone..led me to a startling diagnosis. It is looking like Mareks.
    The steps I have began to take to control this matter from the rest of my flock.
    #1 sanitize every item the chickens have came in contact with. I mean EVERYTHING. And quarantine infected birds
    #2 Sanitize the entire coop, every nook and cranny.
    #3 Sanitize entire area near coop or where chickens spend any time.
    #4 I put in air purifier to keep dust from floating around in coop.
    #5 Close off any drafts where dust can blow in. No fan.
    #6 Put new unused air filters over windows in or on coop, over door and especially on healthy birds' coops' or cages, kennels etc.
    #7 Running cool mist humidifier to keep any dust in air at a minimum.
    #8 Replace all the normal things provided in coop with new or sanitized ones.
    #9 Put new food into coop, new water. New bedding. Etc.
    #10 Clean uninfected chicks or chicks showing no signs of possible Mareks. I soaked them in a small ratio of water and Epson.
    #11 Dry chicks under lamp. 100% dry.
    #12 chopped fresh garlic clove portion for non symptomatic birds, put into fresh food. Yogurt too as an additive with the food and garlic mix.
    #13 Finally time to put the chicks in the sanitized coop with the food and garlic mix. Fresh water and food always.
    #14 Monitor sick chick. Do the same for it. Only quarantine it. Feeding mine the garlic food mix, along with St. John's Wort. Fresh water intake. Lesion is dressed and disinfected.
    I Will document the following days progression. Maybe this will help someone with the same issues.

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  1. BackyardFarmTMC
    Thank goodness, the Marek's scare was a false one. No Marek's. All is healthy. And the chick that was wounded is now a fat healthy rooster. He has been dubbed lucky. But keeping a close eye on any changes good or bad in chicks is crucial.
  2. Texas Kiki
    I am sorry your chick isn't feeling well but I highly doubt you are dealing with Marek's from your above symptoms.
    It is much more likely that this 'wound' is infected and causing the chick to fail.
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  3. ChickNanny13
    :pop Wishing you the best of luck with your Sick Chick, hope the rest stay healthy :fl I've read that even if the sick one gets better, it will be a carrier? That the rest were probably exposed already, hope your sanitation helps :fl
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    1. BackyardFarmTMC
      I have come to think that my chick was injured and not with mareks. I have a pig that wanders the property and she could have stepped on her by accident. But i wasnt going to be naive. So i went ahead and sanitized everything i had a chicken had touched. But all is well today. I have thr sick chick away from others. And the rest are happy and healthy
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    2. ChickNanny13
      Always better safe than sorry. How's the chick?
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    3. BackyardFarmTMC
      She is doing very well. She went from not walking or getting up. To rising up and limping around. She is my house buddy for now. I dont want my others to pick on her. So she just hobbled after me as i do my home chores and laundry stuff like that. Lol. Thankfully the wound she has isnt a muscle wound or artery wound. It was just torn skin. And a little soreness i believe. But she will make it. She maybe gimpy but ill keep her. She is definitely lucky to be alive.

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