February 3rd: My first chicken blog
I have returned from 2 months abroad to find all my hens alive and laying. My Polish aunt must have pampered them a bit because the one that had no butt feathers is feathered, the one that survived an attack is in full health, and the rest are fearless of the snow. Yesterday, I spent over an hour just watching them get into the compost, preen themselves, watch the hawks... The only one that looks less than happy is the auracana with a poopy butt.
I have done a bit of "research" through the BYC forum and have found some very interesting tidbits about the possible cause of her poopy butt. Today, I will bring her inside, wash her off (again) and figure out if it is indeed mites that are causing her all this discomfort. I have gotten some diatomacious earth - food grade - which I have sprinkled over the deep litter in the coop, where they have dust baths, and a little bit in their feed. I have made a mini coop for the convalescent hen, with fresh litter and a little DE sprinkled about. I have prepared her a whambam probiotioc concoction of feed, yogurt, vitamin E, and a dollop of molasses. i have the good scissors and some sturdy rubber gloves on hand for the trimming of her poopy tail feathers.
I will take pictures of the operation, but I'm not sure they are appetizing enough to post. Wish me (the the auracana) luck!