My husband and I have been talking about getting chickens off and on since we got married. We both love the country, having been raised there, and we wanted to share that with our 4 kids. Living in the city in rental housing, we didn't want to deal with the hassel of needing everything to be portable in case we needed to move at any point, so we agreed that our poultry dreams would have to wait until we owned our own home. Then it happened. We found our first real home 2 years ago in a little town right in the middle of the grass seed capital of the world. Ahh, the country life......sorta. We do live in town and not in a 100 year old farmhouse on many acres as was my dream, but maybe we could get those chickens we always wanted anyway. Wonder what our 2 dogs would think about that??
Our neighbors over the back fence have several beautiful chickens of their own (as well as ducks and other fowl) and I have admired them over the fence on several occasions. It wasn't until I visited a friend's house and saw her cute little coop that I realized that I could really do this. Have chickens that is. I know nothing about chicken husbandry. That's when I found BYC!!! Hallelujah! After hours and hours of research and looking at 100's of coop designs, I finally figured out what I wanted.........it had to be cute. It took me another week to lock down exactly what "cute" looked like for my husband and I to be able to build it.
Well, here we go:
(I will add pics over the course of the next few days as time allows)