Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a wife of 27 years, I have 3 beautiful daughters, 5 wonderful grandsons with my 6th grandson scheduled to arrive 9/1/09. I currently live in Baltimore MD but am relocating to Denton MD as soon as possible.
I never had any intentions of getting "into" chickens but this Easter I ended up at a pet store and bought 4 chickens, 1 for 4 of my grandsons. Boy did these chickens get big fast, I had no idea.
My wonderful husband, whom has really never had any pets as a child, built me a beautiful chicken coop. (I will get pictures as soon as I can and post them). He is just amazing, he can build or fix just about anything. So now we have this wonderful chicken coope and 4 chickens. I have no idea what type of chickens they are. The man at the pet store said they were "Red Feather Chickens" and they do NOT lay eggs. Once again I will post pictures of the chickens the next available chance.
Once I get more familiar with this website I will update and add pictures. I am so excited.
My 4 chickens are Missy (ring leader), Red (she lays down a lot) Hansel and Gretel (these 2 girls are always together).
That is all of my chickens thus far, will definitely be adding to the family at a later date.
Thank you for visiting my home page.....