Thank God I found your website!!!!!
My husband and I decided to have a go at raising some chickens, for a couple of reasons:
1. Great experience for our two young children (Justin - 7 and Payton - 5) and
2. We eat A LOT of eggs!
I used to have chickens when I was a young kid, but couldn't remember what went into it, or even how to raise them, or what they needed. We had some basic ideas, so we jumped into this adventure with all four feet (his and mine). We purchased 6 Araucana chicks from the local farmer's exchange and have them in a cardboard box in our kitchen. (IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE....PLEASE SEND IT ALONG!) I have spent hours reading all the material from your website and have purchased many materials to start our coop build...which I plan to post pictures soon! What you have put together on this site was wonderful and have taken a lot of advice.....especially with the deep litter method and the food grade DE. We have also adopted a few ideas from looking at all the coop designs on what we needed to build. Thanks to everyone who posted information!