My name is Katie Thomas, my husband Doug and my children Ashley, Andrew, Jimmy and DJ, as well as my cousin's daughter Marvey are all involved with the poultry here.

First and foremost our birds are our pets. Some are show birds, some are from hatchery stock, but all are equal in pet terms.

Since I am a genetics freak, I have begun studying poultry color genetics. I have begun writing an easy to follow book on how to introduce colors and other things into a breed without using complicated terms. I have written a rabbit coat color genetics book (which is available to purchase from me) and will start on a dog one soon.

Breeds we currently raise are:
Large Fowl:
Golden Laced Polish- These are beautiful show quality birds that we have, my daughter Ashley and my cousin's daughter Marvey will be showing these in 2009. We will be adding to the flock as well and adding a few colors too.

Cuckoo Polish- We are very lucky to have some awesome show stock in these. We have frizzled and smooth. Ashley and Marvey will be showing these as well in 2009.
Calico Polish- I really have no other name for them. They are white with black and red spots on them. My daughter wanted a calico cat, hubby said no, so we found chickens that look like one. Not a showable color, but very pretty birds.
Cochins- We have several colors in Cochins both frizzled and smooth. We have black, mottled, partridge, blue, and birchen. We will be adding colors in 2009 including red, and lavender just to name a few.
Silkies- Some of our silkies are showable, some are not. We have Lavender, Red, Black, White, partridge, pink porcelain (in development), and a few others. We will also begin working on a Sizzle/frizzled silkie line in 2009.
Japanese- These are a nice group of birds that we have. We have blue mottled, black mottled, black, frizzled, blue silver, black silver, and blue. Ashley and Marvey will be showing these as well in 2009.
Seramas- We have frizzled and smooth in these. Since they are not color bred, color varies greatly on them. Once our birds are mature we will post their weights. My 4 year old Jimmy is obsessed with these ones. Perfect little house pet chickens.
Buff Bramhas- These are my husbands. He thought they kind of looked like a Cochin and won a pair in a raffle. Bless him he is addicted to chickens almost as bad as I am, lol. Not show stock, but not bad either.
Silver Pheonix- These also are my husbands. they are from hatchery stock so the tails are not as long as show lines are. He will be adding ones from show lines in 2009 in silver, golden and black breasted red.
Ameracunas- Since we don't color breed ours I guess we will just call them Easter Eggers. However, in 2009 I will be adding some show stock that are color bred, and we will phase out the EE's at that time or just keep them for pretty chicks for people who want pets.
Chocolate Call ducks- we have some really nice solid chocolates out of show lines.
Standard Size Blue Ducks- no specific breed, just mutt ducks in the blue color
Projects we will be working on in 2009: Although we will be working on these I do not know when I will offer them for sale.
Black and Black Frizzled Sumatras
Lavender Sultans
Lavender Faverelles
Silky ducks (we will be working on chocolate colored ones as well as others)
Sebestapol Geese (white, greay, split, buff, and lavender ice)
Lavender Ice American Geese
Crested Blue Swedish ducks
Crested Khaki Campbell ducks
Crested Buff ducks
Chocolate Wyandottes